Harry Potter & Tervis


It’s always good when you find something that you love, and then that something has designs in another product.

I am adult, and I love Harry Potter. I read the books, and saw the movies. In fact, if they’re on TV, chances are great that I am watching it. Especially if it’s The Half Blood Prince, my personal favorite. When Tervis sent me an email to announce they had Harry Potter themed travel mugs, I immediately wanted to order one….or maybe two! I decided, monetarily speaking, that would not be wise, so I waited. I knew that Bed, Bath & Beyond would get them in stock, and they didn’t fail me. So, retail minus the coupon was more budget friendly. I chose the Marauder’s Map. My boss, who is a huge fan of Tervis, and Harry Potter got the Glasses and Scar one. So, total photo-op.

CJ was telling me about the history of Tervis. She recently did a paper on it for her degree. I recommend looking into them, as they are still a family company, going into its third generation. The warranty is stellar and so is the product. I’m not being paid a cent to say what great stuff they have. I just think they do, and I think that any company that does it right should be celebrated.


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