Long time…

Man, have I been lax. I started a post way back on 11/18 and shelved it. Where it died. It was 74 that lovely day. I can’t say the same for today. It’s blustery and snowing. And we are expecting anywhere from 6″ to a foot of snow. I’m woefully unprepared for this. I’m constantly freezing as it is, but now…it’s going to be really ugly. At least I found my finger-less mitts! I had stowed them away and of course had no idea where I stowed them. Luckily I was going through my yarn bin and found them! Along with about 3 projects I need to complete.

The one baby blanket is coming along slowly, but it’s nice. I want to shove making some finger-less mitts into the mix. But I really need to pick up the pace! Luckily my thumb is only slightly dry and has not cracked open. I found some stuff at Lehmans in Kidron, OH and let me tell you, it’s a life saver, though I still have dry hands. I think it’s due to being borderline diabetic for years, and the fact that I am 50+. It’s amazing that for years I never needed to put any moisturizer on my legs or arms. Now I get out of the shower and have to practically bathe in the stuff. My hands need extra attention since I work with paper all day long, and knit at night. No Cracks Night time formula is doing the trick. Thank you! I also use a beeswax cream from a local place called York Meadow Farms. The original smells like lemon, and I have the lavender too. I’ve met the owner, and she’s lovely! I also love that I can support a local business.

So, that’s about all I have right now..my incredibly boring life! Actually I have been busy, but right now I just want to get this out there and let the three people who read this that I am alive and plan to get more in depth soon!

tree trimming fun!




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