Another day….

And it most assuredly is heading to Friday. It’s always a good day when it’s Friday. The promise of a weekend, where you get nothing done that you expected to!  I’ve got a little soirée to go to this Saturday evening and I’m looking forward to it. I really love Halloween. So, I am excited that I have a super cute costume this year, and can’t wait to see it all together. I’ve got some finishing on two components and I must find some boots. Black booties to be exact.

This is the NON Pinterest Fail I am working on. Now, it could have been, since the original post called for 10 yards of tulle. That woman must have been a size 0. I am NOT. I’m proud that I am almost to single digits, so it was disconcerting that I required quite a bit more fabric. Way to go to tear down a former fat girl! Though it’s coming out beautifully. It was a test to get Gigi Louise away from said tulle. She was losing her kitty mind last night.

So to get her away from that, I packed it up and placed it safely in the spare bedroom. She was promptly put out and decided that the only thing to do was attempt to remove all photos hanging on the walls of my room. At midnight, 1 AM, 3 AM and then moved to moms room at 4 and 5. We were delighted.